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Modi Ji Jaane Waale Hain…: Kejriwal Alleges BJP’s Days Are Numbered

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New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday threw a barb at the Bhartiya Janta Party as he altered the BJP’s 2014 poll slogan by saying “acche din aane waale hain, Modi ji jaane waale hain.” He further expressed confidence that the INDIA Alliance will establish an electoral victory in the Lok Sabha polls.  

The Delhi CM appeared for the first time with Sunita Kejriwal in the election campaign after getting bail in an excise policy case. During the address at a street corner meeting in East Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar constituency, Kejriwal likened her wife to ‘Jhanshi ki rani’, and he commended her efforts in leading the command while he was absent.  

In his address, CM said, “Today I have also brought my wife with me. She took charge of everything in my absence. When I was in jail, she used to come to meet me. I used to inquire about the well-being of my Delhiites through her and send my messages to you. She is like Jhansi ki Rani,” reported PTI, quoting Kejriwal.  

People are determined to remove them from office, he declared. “On June 4, acche din aane waale hain, Modi ji jaane waale hain (good days are on their way, Modi is on his way out),” Kejriwal added.  

He claimed that on June 4 (Lok Sabha poll results), Modi will not be making the government, and it is evident from the anger of the public everywhere. The public is angry over inflation and unemployment during the BJP’s rule, Kejriwal said. He also promised a complete status of statehood for Delhi if elected.  

He also participated in roadshows in the Kondli, Trilokpuri, and Jangpura assembly segments of the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency to support AAP candidate Kuldeep Kumar.  

During his various addresses, Kejriwal urged Congress supporters to vote for AAP candidates in the contested constituencies and asked his party’s supporters to reciprocate by voting for Congress candidates where they are standing.

Kejriwal was taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate on March 21 over a money-laundering allegation associated with the purported liquor scam in Delhi. The apex court has provided temporary relief to the AAP leader until June 1, coinciding with the final day of the seven-phase Lok Sabha election, instructing him to surrender and return to jail on June 2.

Polling for the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi is scheduled for May 25. 

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