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Gyanvapi Case: Big Setback To Muslim Side, SC Refuses To Stay Varanasi Courts Order Allowing Hindus To Offer Prayers

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VARANASI: In a huge blow to the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee, the Supreme Court on Thursday refused to stay the Varanasi court order allowing the Hindu devotees to offer prayers at the ‘Vyas Tehkhana’ in the disputed Gyanvapi Mosque complex. The Masjid Committee had earlier approached the Supreme Court for an urgent hearing in the Gyanvapi case. Responding to it, the Supreme Court directed the Muslim side to approach the Allahabad High Court for any relief in the case. 

Puja Performed At Gyanvapi By Hindus

Importantly, the first puja was performed at Varanasi’s disputed Gyanvapi mosque’s ‘Vyas Parivar Tehkhana’ on Thursday, marking a crucial moment in the ongoing legal battle. Following the Varanasi district court’s ruling, which allowed the Hindu side to offer prayers at the contested site, a priest conducted the pooja around 3 am, followed by an aarti.

Before the commencement of the puja ceremony, a pivotal meeting was convened by Varanasi’s District Magistrate, S Rajalingam, and Commissioner of Police, Ashok Mutha Jain. The gathering, which lasted for approximately two hours, took place at a hall situated within the Kashi Vishwanath Dham premises. During the deliberations, crucial decisions were made by the district administration to ensure the seamless implementation of the court’s verdict.

Will Challenge The Court Ruling: Muslim Side

Reacting to Varanasi Court’s order on Wednesday allowing Hindu devotees to offer prayers inside the ‘Vyas Ka Tekhana’ area inside the Gyanvapi mosque complex, the Muslim side said that they will approach the Allahabad High Court to challenge Varanasi Court’s decision. Muslim side lawyer Akhlaq Ahmed Akhlaq Ahmed said, “We will approach the Allahabad High Court against the decision. The order has overlooked the Advocate Commissioner report of 2022, ASI’s report, and the decision of 1937, which was in our favour. The Hindu side has not placed any evidence that prayers were held before 1993. There is no such idol in the place.”

Advocate Merajuddin Siddiqui said he would go to higher courts regarding this order. “I will not accept any such order. The District Magistrate and the District President are both working hand in glove. We will fight it legally. This is happening to get political advantage. The same approach is being adopted, which was done in the Babri Masjid case. The commissioner’s report and ASI’s report earlier said that nothing was inside. We are very unhappy with the decision,” Merajuddin Siddiqui said. He further said that there is no evidence that prayers were held before 1993.

A Big Win For Hindus In Gyanvapi Case

In a big win for the Hindu side, the Varanasi court on Wednesday allowed Hindu devotees to offer prayers inside the ‘Vyas Ka Tekhana’ area inside the Gyanvapi mosque complex. The court has asked the district administration to make the necessary arrangements in the next seven days. Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, representing the Hindu side, said, “Puja will start within seven days. Everyone will have the right to perform Puja.”

“Hindu side is allowed to offer prayers at ‘Vyas Ka Tekhana’. The District Administration will have to make arrangements within 7 days,” Jain said after the court’s verdict. The mosque has four ‘tehkhanas’ (cellars) in the basement, of which one is still in the possession of the Vyas family, who used to live there. Vyas had petitioned that, as a hereditary pujari, he should be allowed to enter the ‘tehkhana’ and resume pooja.

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