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ED Officials Arrive At Hemant Sorens Residence, Will Jharkhand CM Be Arrested?

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Ranchi:  A team of ED officials on Wednesday arrived at the residence of Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren for questioning in connection with a money laundering case linked to an alleged land scam. After the meeting was concluded late at night at Soren’s residence in Ranchi on Tuesday, JMM MP Mahua Maji informed that in the meeting Hemant Soren said that he is ready to face the Enforcement Directorate on January 31 and has absolutely no fear.

The ED officials visited the residence of Soren in the national capital on Monday night to question him in connection with an alleged land scam case and said that the Jharkhand Chief Minister could not be located.

As per sources, the ED had issued a fresh summons to Soren, asking him to be available for questioning on January 29 or 31, or else the agency itself will go to him for questioning. This is the tenth summons issued to the Jharkhand Chief Minister, by the ED. There was heavy police deployment around the Chief Minister’s residence in Ranchi.

Notably, the Enforcement Directorate has seized Rs 36 lakh in cash and two cars after it conducted searches at the residence of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, sources in the central agency said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) workers gathered at Morabadi ground against the ED’s action. The workers were gathered in large numbers and were continuously chanting “Hemant Soren Zindabad”. The JMM workers have planned to march to Raj Bhavan as a sign of protest against the ED’s action on Jharkhand CM.

Mustaque Alam, Ranchi District President of JMM told ANI “The conspiracy of the Bharatiya Janata Party seems not to be coming to an end. CM Hemant Soren has given a reply to ED on January 20, then what is the question which has not been completed yet? Today Hemant Soren will definitely answer their questions but we workers remain apprehensive that BJP keeps conspiring and under its influence these people will try to create some trouble.”

“People had placed a reward of Rs 11,000 on the Chief Minister. If had to keep it, then would have kept it for Rs 11 crore. This is their petty mentality. Right now we are gathering at Morabadi ground and after that we will move towards the Governor House,” he added.

JMM MP Mahua Maji accused the centre of using the ED and the CBI to destabilise the government.

“You can see how the Central Government and BJP are hatching a conspiracy to destabilise & topple governments and form their own government in non-BJP ruled states. So, the party is prepared to face and tackle all conspiracies. But no such situation will arise as all the MLAs in the alliance are united. They have said that Hemant Soren will be the CM…We are hearing it from the media (about Kalpana Soren)” Mahua Maji said.

Jharkhand CM ‘Not Absconding’

Quashing rumours of evading ED summons, Soren rallied party leaders and MLAs of the INDIA bloc at his residence, expressing readiness to cooperate fully with the ED. After the meeting concluded late at night at Soren’s residence in Ranchi, JMM said that CM Soren is ”ready to face the Enforcement Directorate on January 31 and has absolutely no fears.” The Chief Minister’s Office in Jharkhand also released pictures of Soren’s meeting with alliance party leaders today.

Kalpana Soren To Take Over As CM?

While the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leadership questions the validity of the ED’s actions, insiders hint at a contingency plan involving Kalpana Soren stepping into the political spotlight should her husband be detained. However, constitutional hurdles loom large, potentially impeding her ascension to the chief ministerial role.

Legal Hurdle

The prospect of Kalpana Soren assuming the mantle faces legal scrutiny due to constitutional provisions governing by-polls in the event of premature assembly dissolution. With the assembly election scheduled for November, the legal viability of her candidacy remains uncertain. Amidst these deliberations, the BJP alleges political escapism on Hemant Soren’s part, further fueling the contentious debate.

Hemant Soren’s Role In Massive Land Scam

The Enforcement Directorate’s relentless pursuit of Soren is rooted in allegations of a massive land scam exceeding Rs 600 crore. The intricate web of corruption purportedly involves illicit land transactions orchestrated by a network of individuals, including high-ranking officials. Despite Soren’s assertions of innocence, the ED remains steadfast in its investigation, having already apprehended numerous individuals implicated in the scandal.

Soren’s Counterclaims

Denying culpability, Soren contends that he is a victim of a malicious conspiracy orchestrated to tarnish his reputation. His steadfast defence underscores the high-stakes battle unfolding at the intersection of politics and law enforcement in Jharkhand. As the saga intensifies, the fate of the state’s leadership hangs precariously, entangled in a web of legal intricacies and political intrigue.

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