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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party could be banned if its founder and former PM Imran Khan and other top brass are convicted in the cases relating to the May 9 violence and violation of the Secrets Act in the cipher case, according to media reports on Sunday.
Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) after several years of probing PTI‘s funding unanimously declared that the party had received “prohibited funding” in Aug 2003.
This created an opportunity for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government led by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) to dissolve the party. Khan was however disqualified from Parliament, Geo News reported.
Highly placed sources that had been part of the previous Shehbaz Sharif government told The News on Saturday that the ECP verdict had provided an occasion for the PDM government of the time to raise the question before the Supreme Court of Pakistan to declare PTI a banned entity but government opted to agitate the matter later at an appropriate time.
Senator Azam Nazir Tarrar, the law and justice minister of the previous government and leader of the house in Senate, said government was struggling to save the country from default and opted to delay the matter. Tarrar said PTI had defied several laws under the 2017 Elections Act and committed offences which, once government decided to agitate regarding PTI’s lawful existence, could be conveniently decided by SC. Tarrar said the caretaker government could also knock on the doors of SC for the purpose but the next government would have to consider it with seriousness.
Sources said disbanding PTI would become probable after a verdict is handed to Imran and other leaders.

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