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NEW DELHI: An American woman named Anigar Monsee was arrested after shocking videos of showing her torturing and killing animals were discovered on her YouTube channel. US Police, alerted by Peta, have taken 28-year-old Monsee into custody following their investigation, the Daily Times reported.
The disturbing content, under the YouTube account named ‘Motheranddaughter,’ depicted Monsee gruesomely mutilating animals such as rabbits, chickens, frogs, and pigeons by slowly disemboweling them while they were still alive.
In one of the videos, Monsee was reportedly seen using a knife to slice a chicken’s neck over a kitchen sink as the distressed animal tried to flee, while she was commenting on the number of viewers and likes she was receiving. While the bird attempted to escape, the woman climbed onto the counter and pinned it with her feet before sawing at the bird’s neck in a slow back-and-forth motion. This act of cruelty continued for over two minutes before the video abruptly ended, all while Monsee commented on the live stream’s viewership and likes.
There were more videos of Monsee including her torturing frogs and a pigeon in a similarly brutal and prolonged manner, with some content carrying sexualized comments from viewers.
Police Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt expressed deep disturbance at the findings, saying, “It’s just barbaric. It’s inhumane that someone could do that.” He also noted the alarming aspect of viewers encouraging such acts, the Daily Times reported.
Monsee, whose channel had over 20,000 subscribers, was tracked down after a video showed identifiable features of her residence on Marshal Road in Upper Darby.
Charged with four incidents of animal cruelty, Monsee faced an arraignment before Judge Benjamin Johns. Unable to post the 10% of $200,000 bail, she is currently held in Delaware County prison, awaiting a preliminary hearing set for February 5.

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