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Breaking Barriers: In A First, BSF Deploys Women Soldiers Along Pakistan Border

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In a historic move, the Border Security Forces (BSF) have deployed a group of brave women soldiers to safeguard the Line of Control (LoC) in the Kashmir Valley. Enduring temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees and standing at an altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level, these specially trained women soldiers patrol alongside their male counterparts, setting an inspiring example.

Trained in ambush tactics, night patrols, and countering terrorist activities, these women soldiers take pride in paving the way for future female deployments across the country. Preeti Choudhary, a female BSF jawan, expressed their commitment, stating, “It is the love for our nation that keeps us here. We are well-trained to adapt to climates like sub-zero degrees and low oxygen, ready to serve from Kashmir to Rajasthan.”

Equipped with the latest weapons, including INSAS, AK47, TAR, and SLR rifles, these women soldiers have undergone rigorous training to operate in challenging terrains with extreme weather conditions. Mandeep Kaur, another member of the pioneering group, affirmed their readiness, saying, “We make sure to protect the boundaries and are happy to be here as the first female group. The situation is difficult, but we are here.”

Despite the Kashmir Valley experiencing its longest winter drought, the LoC remains a crucial area, especially with increased infiltration risks. Vigilance on the LoC has intensified, with women soldiers contributing significantly to the effort. Their presence aids in the inspection of women, a task that was previously challenging for male forces in border areas.

Naresh Kumar, a BSF officer, emphasized the equal capabilities of women, stating, “Women are equal to men and have excelled in every field and career. They work shoulder to shoulder with us, and we are proud of it.” The BSF’s plan is to deploy women soldiers at every forward post along the LoC by July 2023, further breaking gender barriers in the nation’s defense forces.

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