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DNA Exclusive: Pakistans Propaganda Against India On Ram Lallas Consecration Day

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The day of January 22, 2024, was etched in Indian history when Lord Shri Ram was consecrated in the grand Ram temple. On the day of Pran Pratistha, it seemed as if the entire country was celebrating Diwali, with all of India immersed in the spirit of Ram. Lamps were lit in every household to welcome Lord Shri Ram. The festival marking the construction of the Ram temple was celebrated not only in India but also in many countries around the world.

However, the joy of millions of Indians could not be tolerated by the neighboring country, Pakistan. The Foreign Ministry of Pakistan issued a written statement regarding the construction of the Ram Temple, expressing the country’s displeasure. Pakistan invoked the Babri Masjid issue, claiming that the temple was built by demolishing Babri Masjid. Officially, this was Pakistan’s stance, but behind the scenes, a conspiracy to spread violence in India was also underway.

In Today’s DNA, Zee News anchor Ram Mohan Sharma decoded Pakistan’s conspiracy to instigate communal tensions in India as the country immersed into celebrations of Ram Lalla’s ‘pran pratishtha’.

At the behest of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, there was a plot to incite violence in India on the day of Pran Pratistha. Pakistan hoped for communal riots between Hindus and Muslims in India. For this purpose, #BabriZindaHai was trending on the social media platform X since Monday morning.

While India was celebrating the anniversary of Ram Lalla, looking at the posts made using the #BabriZindaHai hashtag and their language, it raised suspicions that a conspiracy was being hatched to disrupt the communal harmony in the country through these posts. Therefore, Zee News correspondent Shivank Mishra initiated an investigation to uncover who was behind the trending hashtag #BabriZindaHai, what the real motive was, and why it was done specifically during the consecration.

Our investigation revealed that the first post with the #BabriZindaHai hashtag was made on January 22 at around 6.30 in the morning. According to the results from Hashtag Analyst, 25 percent of the posts using the #BabriZindaHai hashtag originated from Pakistan. Subsequently, after 11 pm, posts with the same hashtag were made from some verified accounts, further amplifying the trend. By Monday afternoon, when Ram Lalla was being consecrated, #BabriZindaHai started trending in India.

The provocative language used in the posts with the BabriZindaHai hashtag on X was inciting the people of the Hindu and Muslim communities. By trending Babri Zinda Hai, an attempt was made to inflame the sentiments of the Muslims in the country, while by highlighting the demolition of the Ram Temple, Hindus were provoked. Unaware of the Pakistani conspiracy, Indians also posted and vented their anger against each other.

Pakistan’s motive behind this was to incite violence in India on the historic day of Pran Pratistha, thereby spoiling the country’s environment. However, this conspiracy of violence by Pakistan was already suspected, and in anticipation of this, the Uttar Pradesh Police had deployed the Cyber Response Team.

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