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Puppies Killed Brutally In Delhi But Whats Punishment For Killing A Dog? A Fine Up To Rs 50

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The cruelty against stray animals is on the rise in India. While there have been debates overfeeding stray dogs and attacks on kids by stray dogs, several shocking incidents have come to light in the past few months where the strays faced human brutality. 

Now, in a deeply distressing incident, six puppies were subjected to extreme cruelty in Delhi’s Mayur Vihar-1 Extension. Videos from the scene depict gruesome actions, including the crushing of puppy skulls, breaking their necks, and chopping off their tongues. Shockingly, one of the puppies was reportedly beheaded by the perpetrator.

People who harm stray dogs may face charges under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. According to Section 11 of the Act:

* For the first offence, the accused can be fined between Rs. 10 to Rs. 50.

* If a similar act is committed within 3 years, the fine is not less than Rs. 25.

* The fine may go up to Rs. 100, and there could be imprisonment for up to three months or both.

Additionally, the person may face charges under IPC 428, which could lead to imprisonment for up to two years. 

In the Mayur Vihar case, the residents suspect that drug abusers in the area might be behind the cruel act. The bodies of the puppies have been sent for postmortem, and a police complaint has been filed. It’s unclear if any suspects have been identified by the police.

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