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War Rooms At Six Metro Airports: Aviation Ministrys New Measures For Fog-Related Flight Delays

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New Delhi: The Civil Aviation Ministry has introduced new measures to combat flight disruptions caused by fog, directing all six metro airports to submit incidence reports three times daily. The Ministry, on Monday, issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) aimed at alleviating passenger inconvenience, urging all airlines to adhere to the guidelines.

Jyotiraditya Scindia Announces ‘War Rooms’ At Six Metro Airports

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, in a post on ‘X’ on Tuesday, revealed plans for establishing ‘War Rooms’ at the six metro airports. These rooms, to be set up by airports and airline operators, aim to promptly address any issues related to passengers’ inconvenience. The minister emphasized the importance of immediate resolution and assured the availability of sufficient Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) manpower around the clock.



Delhi Airport Takes CAT III Measures Amid Unprecedented Fog

In response to the unprecedented fog in Delhi, Minister Scindia announced the operationalization of runway RWY 29L at Delhi Airport under CAT III conditions. CAT III landing, a precision approach, enables aircraft to safely land in low-visibility conditions. Additionally, plans to undertake the operationalization of RWY 10/28 as CAT III after re-carpeting were disclosed in the ‘X’ post.

Over 600 Flights Delayed In 72 Hours Due To Severe Weather Conditions

Delhi has experienced severe fog in the past 72 hours, causing fluctuating visibility and, at times, reducing it to zero. The adverse weather conditions led to the delay of more than 600 flights, both domestic and international. Minister Scindia expressed his earnest request for understanding from travellers during this challenging period, emphasizing that stakeholders are working diligently to minimize passenger inconvenience.

Minister Addresses Unruly Behavior Amidst Fog-Related Disruptions

In a post on ‘X’ on Monday, Minister Scindia denounced incidents of unruly behaviour during the fog-related disruptions, stating that such behaviour is unacceptable. He emphasized a strong response in line with existing legal provisions. Assuring continuous efforts, he conveyed that all stakeholders are tirelessly working to mitigate the impact of fog-related challenges.

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