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Religious scholars, tribal elders call for reopening of schools for Afghan girls – Times of India

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KABUL: The Taliban has been called upon by religious scholars and tribal leaders to open the country’s institutions and universities to women right away, as their basic right to attain education continues to remain compromised, TOLOnews reported.
At a meeting in Kabul they said that women should have access to education and that their presence is essential to the country.
A meeting on “The role of scholars and tribal elders in strengthening relations between the nation and the system” was held on Saturday at Qasre Sapidar (Sapidar Palace).
According to TOLOnews, it was attended by over two hundred religious scholars and tribal elders from various provinces in Afghanistan, as well as members of the Taliban’s cabinet.
“The committee’s view regarding education is that the Islamic Emirate has paid attention to the needs of religious and contemporary sciences, but it should open schools and universities to girls and women,” TOLOnews quoted Mohammad Hashem, representative of the southern zone of Afghanistan as saying.
Meanwhile, a few participants requested that the Taliban consider the justifiable requests of the Afghan people about growth, the economy, and the employment of qualified officials.
“We ask the Islamic Emirate to build water dams throughout Afghanistan so that it can raise the water level and alleviate the problems of the people,” said Abdul Hadi, a representative of the South East zone of the country, according to TOLOnews.
Afghan people have been leaving their homes because of poverty, insecurity and conflicts in the country.
Moreover, Afghanistan’s women have faced numerous challenges since the Taliban returned to power in 2021.
Taliban leaders have also disregarded international calls for women and girls to be given access to education and employment. They have also issued warnings to other nations not to meddle in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs.

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