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Mystery Surrounding Missing IAF Plane Ends, Debris Of An-32 Aircraft Found After 7 Years

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New Delhi: In a breakthrough discovery, the National Institute of Ocean Technology has successfully located the wreckage of the Indian Air Force’s An-32 transport aircraft, which mysteriously disappeared over the Bay of Bengal seven years ago on July 22, 2016.



Seven-Year Enigma Unraveled

The deep-sea exploration was carried out at a depth of approximately 3.4 km, revealing the remnants of the missing An-32 aircraft using an advanced Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). This discovery comes after years of relentless efforts to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the aircraft, which had 29 people on board.

Cutting-Edge Technology Aided Discovery

The search operation utilized cutting-edge technology, including a multi-beam SONAR, synthetic aperture SONAR, and high-resolution photography. The images captured during the exploration were meticulously examined, confirming the wreckage’s conformity to that of an An-32 aircraft.

“The search images were scrutinised and found to conform to an An-32 aircraft. This discovery at the probable crash site, with no other recorded history of any other missing aircraft report in the same area, points to the debris as possibly belonging to the crashed IAF An-32,” stated the Ministry of Defence in an official statement.

Closure For Families Awaits

The large-scale search-and-rescue operations conducted earlier, involving both aircraft and ships, had failed to locate any missing personnel or the wreckage of the plane. Now, with the wreckage identified and its location determined, there is hope for closure for the families of the 29 individuals who were on board the ill-fated An-32.

National Institute Of Ocean Technology Traces Debris

The National Institute of Ocean Technology, operating under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, played a crucial role in this breakthrough. Deploying an AUV with deep-sea exploration capability at the last known location of the missing An-32 aircraft, the institute conducted a thorough search at a depth of 3,400 meters.

As the nation grapples with the revelation of the An-32 wreckage, questions arise about the circumstances leading to its disappearance. The defence ministry is likely to initiate further investigations to understand the events surrounding the crash and to prevent similar incidents in the future.

An-32’s Mysterious Disappearance

The discovery of the wreckage brings an end to the prolonged uncertainty surrounding the fate of the IAF’s An-32. While the families of the victims may find solace in the confirmation of the aircraft’s location, the nation now reflects on the loss and the years of unanswered questions surrounding the missing transport aircraft.

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