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Argentine President Javier Milei, in change of tone, invites Pope Francis to visit homeland – Times of India

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Argentine President Javier Milei has invited Pope Francis to visit his home country, appearing to extend an olive branch after attacking the Catholic leader in recent years and in a bid to shore up support for reforms the libertarian has proposed to Congress.
Milei had called the pope everything from an “imbecile” to the devil’s man on earth, but softened his tone after being elected in November.In the letter, dated January 8 and published by the Argentine presidency on Thursday, Milei addressed Francis as “Holy Father.”
Shortly after taking office in December, Milei unveiled a slew of economic measures meant to pull Argentina out of triple-digit inflation, rising poverty and a shortage of reserves.
A “mega-decree” issued by Milei has already faced roadblocks in court, while a sweeping omnibus bill Milei called a special session to pass has caused outcry by the opposition in Congress on the grounds that it would give Milei too much power.
“We’re aware that these decisions can deepen inequalities, with our top priority being to protect our most vulnerable citizens,” Milei wrote in the letter to Francis, adding his government “appreciated the collaboration of the Catholic Church, whose social work is invaluable.”
Milei said he had proposed the measures “taking into account (Francis’) advice of having the necessary wisdom and courage” to do so.
Pope Francis, 87, has yet to visit Argentina since his election a decade ago. The religious leader said in a December interview a trip to his homeland was “pending,” though he has dealt with a number of health issues in recent years and now uses mobility aids such as a wheelchair or cane.

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