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After Galwan, China Accepted That India No Longer A Weak Nation: Rajnath Singh

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Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who is on a visit to the United Kingdom, has said that India has changed under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and even countries like China, who used to consider India a frail economy, have changed their perception about New Delhi. Addressing the Indian diaspora in Britain, Rajnath Singh said that China’s perception of India has changed drastically.

Singh also said that after the Galwan standoff, China conceded that India is no longer a weak nation. “China is considered as the opponent of India. We don’t consider China as our opponent, maybe China considers so. However, we wish to cultivate good ties with all our neighbours and countries across the globe…In 2020, a faceoff happened between India and China, and the bravery that was shown by our security forces, maybe that is the reason why China’s perspective about India has changed. They realised that India is not weak anymore,” said Singh.

Citing a recent article published in the Chinese state-controlled Global Times, Singh said, “A columnist for the Global Times, which, in a way, is a mouthpiece for China, published an article with the headline ‘What I see about Bharat narrative in India’. This article is a ringing affirmation of the changing Chinese perspective on India. It seems the Chinese government has come to accept that our economic and foreign policies, as well as our changing strategic interests, have helped Bharat emerge as a key global economic player and a strategic power.” 

Addressing community reception at the India House in London, Singh said that the Chinese analyst also noted that Beijing now accepts that whether you like Bharat or not, India’s image and rising global standing can no longer be ignored. 

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